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June 24, 2008
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this test was made for people who write fanfictions featuring their OC`s [original characters] wishing to avoid creating mary-sues. You can test as many characters as you want :] remember: no offense
UPDATE `11 30 07
If your character belongs to a race that has wings, unusual eye colour, etc. And most other characters in the story have those traits, don`t add extra points.

P.S - This test is intended for human female characters. If your character is male, go look for a gary-stu test.


1. Does your character have a long, rare or unusual name? [if she lives in japan, japanese name is not unusual] +1

2. Does your character have more than one first/second name for no reason? +1

3. [count all that apply]
She`s not a human? +1
    Half a human? +1
    [half]An Angel? +1
    [half]A Vampire? +1
    [half]A Werewolf? +1

4. She belongs to a royal family? +1

5. Does she have amnesia? +1
    It heals as the story goes on? +1

___ out of 10


1. She has very long hair or hair of an unusual colour? +1
    Is she blonde? +1

2. Does she have wings? +1

3. She`s not overweight although she doesn`t look after what she eats/ doesn`t exercise +1

4. Is her bra size B< ? +1

5. Does she belong to some kind of label? [ex. Punk, Goth, Lolita, Emo, Prep, etc.] +1

6. Are her eyes of an unusual colour? +1
    is it red? +1

7. Do you describe her looks in the first chapter? +1
    Do you use words "gorgeous" "mysterious" "stunning" "beutiful" "perfect" when describing her? +1

__ out of 10


1. She had a terrible past +1
    and she angsts about it +1

2. Is she an orphan? +1

3. was she physicaly abused? +1
    mentaly abused? +1
    raped? +1
    all the other characters know that? +1

5. she saw the death of a family member +1
    it was har fault +1
    she only thinks it was her fault +1

__ out of 10


1. She has a very dark or very cheery character +1

2. She has no enemies +1

3. She has no friends +1

4. She has a "big point of view" [ex. "It`s ok that my BF left me, there are so many other boys in the world"] +1

5. She has a best friend that stays that way during all the story +1

6. Everyone who dislikes her ends up humiliated, arrested and/or dead +1
    Killed by her +1
    Killed by her boyfriend/girlfriend +1

7. She always understands others and gives an answer to any problem of their life +1

8. She shares same characteristics/hobbies with a cannon character +1

__ out of 10


1. Your character seems to have more romance than any other character in the story +1

2. her boyfriend/girlfriend is a cannon character +1
    more than one cannon character +1
    a character from a cannon couple +1
    a character you would like to have as a boyfriend/girlfriend +1
    it was love from first sight +1

3. she`s bisexual +1

4. she had sex with a cannon character +1
    more than one cannon character +1
    a character you would like to have sex with +1

__ out of 10


1.she`s a musician +1
   a rockstar +1
   a dancer +1
   a hacker +1

2.she`s better than a cannon character in some specific area he/she`s good at [ex. better in taijutsu than rock lee, smarter than L, etc.] +1

3.she`s not from a country the story is taking place +1
   she somehow popped in the fictional world from the real world +1

4.she doesn`t have to pay for her actions/crimes/misitakes +1

5.her enemies are complete opposites of her +1

6. she looks like one of the cannon characters/character from other anime +1

__ out of 10

to the anti-sue traits!

2. remove one point if your character is a smoker

3. she has a disease that doesn`t heal during the story -1

4. she is overweight [a little doesn`t count] -1

5. she`s in love with a character who doesn`t love her back -1

6. she`s weak mentaly or physicaly -1


less than 5 points- the anti-sue

your character is definetly an opposite of mary sue! It`s obvious that you`ve been trying to protect your character from suedom, but a few more good traits wouldn`t hurt.

5-15 points original character

congratulations! You`ve created an interesting, well-balanced original character! ^-^ you sure need a lot of skills to create such a great character, good job!

15-25 points boarding-sue

hmm... i can`t say your character is a mary-sue, but it`s really close to it! You should edit her a little to make her more realistic and interesting!

25-35 points the mary-sue

my oh my, we have a trouble! D: I understand that you tried to create a nice and interesting character that others would like, but you`ve overdone it. Remember, a character has to have flaws! If you don`t want to ruin your fanfiction, try to rework your character.

35< points the ultra-sue

OH MY GOD, NOT THAT! BURN IT! You`ve created a monster, my friend. Take a blank sheet and create another, more realistic character.
edit : okay. I`ve got some comments asking why did I put questions about charachter`s body build and friendship, etc. etc. Before you go "OMG DOES MY CHARACTER HAVING A FRIEND MAKE HER MAREY-SUEH?!? YOUR TEST SUCKZ! D<" or something close to it, please read this.

Okay. So, your character got one point at that section. Now go check the results. What do you get for one point? That`s right. The anti-sue. :) Each of these questions/points have weight only if you get many of them positive. One good trait doesn`t make your character a mary sue - only too many of them do. :) / end of edit

a simple mary-sue test ^-^

please don`t steal.

my characters:</u>

Hannah [death note]: 4 points
Yami [death note] : 5 points
Aimi [Naruto] : 8 points
Victoria [final fantasy/kingdom hearts] : 10 points
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chichidawolf 22 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm so glad my new oc SCarlet onely got 9 points ^^''
LunarsWolf 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
 .....Wow I wrote a lot... Sorry, but this is what I think of some of the Mary Sue questions you pit on here.. this is a lot to read so I'm very sorry.

If the species she belongs to a species that is actually entirely half something and half something else then it shouldn't count & I don't think it should count if her species is a common thing in her world.

Also having amnesia is more like a plot point then a Mary Sue trait, unless it's just there to make people feel sorry for her. "does your character have a terrible past?" it can also just be part of the plot, for example: her terrible past can be her reason for wanting revenge or something, but once again if it's just there to make people feel sympathy for her then it would be a Mary Sue trait.

Also even though their name may be unusual I don't really count it as a Mary Sue trait because the name doesn't really matter 99% of the time and it's quite common in the real world like I'm the kind of person that would give my child a Japanese name even though I'm not Japanese in the slightest, but only because I like those kind of names it's just personal preference, unless it's a super unnaturally long name that's made to make her stand out more. 

"She has a "big point of view" [ex. "It`s ok that my BF left me, there are so many other boys in the world"]" Hmm, I find this more like "thinking positively" because you hear this almost every time someones boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with them, ever heard of the expression "there are more fish in the sea"? 

If the character looks like another character from another anime it could just be a coincidence like how Loki from Fairy Tail looks like Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach or how the twins from Lucky Star look like the twins from Clannad. 

I wouldn't count being a musician{{musicians & rockstars are pretty much the same thing}}
dancer, or hacker a Mary Sue trait, unless the character is only that because it makes them look good & they are just naturally talented at it, like being a hacker takes time & practice, so does being a musician, & dancer.

Bisexual? really? that matters how? 

Ok if she's not from the country the story takes place in, then it just means she moved... don't really see how this is Mary Sue.

Being a smoker and or alcoholist actually can be a Mary Sue trait if it's only used to make them look cooler & they don't suffer the consequences like when they drink they either don't get drunk at all{{it doesn't count if they've been drinking most of their life because their body most likely just got use to drinking so much}} even if it's their first time drinking or the only getting a little tipsy & getting a result of looking "cute". 

Having no friends seems more like an Anti Sue kind of trait.

"having a best friend that stays that way through out the story" OK... really? so characters can't have a BFF{{Best Friend Forever}} without it adding onto the traits of a Mary Sue?

"her enemies are the complete opposite of her" this actually happens a lot in real life, for example many people don't get along because they don't share the same interest, beliefs or point of views.

 "She shares same characteristics/hobbies with a cannon character" many people share the same interest, so I don't think this counts as Mary Sue unless she was purposely created that way to make her get along better with that cannon character because they're "so much alike". 

"She always understands others and gives an answer to any problem of their life" there are people like this in real life you know, but if the character is notably wise for her age & she's had no experience with this type of thing then it would count as Mary Sue.
Xtemporary-insanityX 6 days ago  Professional Writer
My characters: (Harry Potter OCs)
Elia Shacklebolt: 5
Nina Javeris: 6
Leda Prince: 4

Yay, no Mary Sues!

The rest of my OCs are male. XD
KillerGirlFuria Apr 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh, wee. And I was so worried that I made my Natalie from my transformers AU a Mary-Sue. But I took this test and... I got 7. That was kinda unexpected, but I like it.
Jasip Mar 15, 2014  New member
I got 2 PTS *dances*
Creepypasta-princess Mar 5, 2014  New member Student Writer
Yay I'm not a mary sue
artycomicfangirl Mar 1, 2014  Student Artist
Well, i guess if naruto OCs have hairl colours like green, blue, purple ect, I don't think that it is a Mary sue trait cos kakashi has white hair and Sakura has pink hair...
Etsuko-Hime Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
3. She`s not overweight although she doesn`t look after what she eats/ doesn`t exercise 
No, but thats how i am like ;-; i can eat and eat but never go fat and i think the last time i did exercise was in 11 grade :') i also have dark moss green eyes :') 

Why did i tell you that XD i was supposed to take the test on my characters :) then i rememberd i havent finished their profile yet XD
InfinateEclipse Feb 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got 6.... (*Fangirls*, Yus Mime Your no Mary Sue)
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